Our collections expand in three divisions, that represent our three different types of possessions: literary collections, cameras and photographs. While they are treated according to their respective typology, these divisions are managed as one single ensemble, which allows for a global vision.


The Museum proposes its permanent exposition which overlooks the history of the cameras' inventors, their processes and their techniques. We can notably find original cameras from the first darkrooms ever and an important collection of cameras, from the most ancient to the most modern.


Who are our expositions made for? Anyone with an interest in photography! You are all welcome here.

In the expositions, we will make you travel by telling you about the story hidden behind every picture, and the story of the photograph behind the camera.

We know that it's a rather popular activity; that's why we change our temporary expositions every three months. It's a pleasure for the Desjardins Museum of Photography to always give you more.

During the year, we present a variety of photograph artists of various styles from the four corners of the Earth. At the intersection of arts, history and science, photography offers a fascinating universe to discover. You'll love it for sure!


We're happy to announce our programmation for the year 2021!