In order to understand more clearly, the darkroom activity is offered in two ways, which are:

1. Complete presentation of the film development in a darkroom

This is an activity of a duration of 4 hours on the development 35 mm (film) in a darkroom. From the film roll to the paper development, you'll be accompanied by an experienced pedagogue who'll guide you through the steps and who'll bring the activity to a whole other level!

Price for members: 40$

Price for non-members : 60$


2. Visual activity of the development in groups - 8 to 12 people -

This activity takes place over two days and is divided in two sets of 45 minutes. It consists of witnessing and handling the steps of film development. Always accompanied by a pedagogue, you'll be able to gain the most from this experience!

Price: 40$ per person


It's important to note that the darkroom activity is also offered as a virtual activity. We invite you to contact us for more information.


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