A personalized experience at the Museum this summer

The Museum is now open Tuesday to Friday, from 11am to 5pm, and Saturday-Sunday from 10am to 5pm, 12 months per year!

Begin your visit by attending a guided tour of the Museum about the cameras' inventors and evolution. Stop by the temporary expositions and witness the wonders of the photographic planet from around the world. How things have changed since 1827! End your visit by exploring our reserves and the underground of our uncommon building!

Also, when bought directly on site, general admission tickets are benefit from a 50% reduction for all Desjardins members.




André Garant / Arthropodes

du 16 au 23 juin 2023



Before anything else, it's appropriate to introduce who we are and what drives us. The Musée de la Photographie Desjardins is first and foremost a passionate team that will successfully pass that passion on to you. And that's what truly matters.

We want you to know that the museum is as much our home as it is yours, and that, together, we can live a unique experience at each visit.

The Museum of Photography is a public space that gathers, restores, documents and exposes an impressive collection of cameras, pictures and objects related to photography. We guarantee you the most amazing discoveries.

We are also a place of research, teaching and sharing dedicated to the artistic and cultural radiance of photography and history. Yes, we know: it sounds too good to be true when said like that. But it's true, what can we do!

Based in Drummondville, we are the place of reference in the photography world. We surpass the expectations with the help of our distinctive, evolutive and accessible services in a unique experience. Here, you have to read between the lines: what are you waiting for to come meet us?

The Desjardins Museum of Photography members and team are all driven by the same passion that characterize them. They all share values of respect, ethics, integrity and rigorousness in reaching the Museum's objectives.



The Desjardins Museum of Photography collects, studies, shares and interprets the cultural heritage related to the practice of photography around the world, in order to tell its technological and social history while privileging a collaborative approach to develop itself and to contribute to the development of its environment.


In a ten year horizon, the Desjardins Museum of Photography wishes to be known as the place of reference in socio-cultural and technological history of photography in Canada.


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