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In Québec, like elsewhere, we've long been wondering about culture and its multiple manifestations. The same goes for education. Thus, it isn't surprising that the continued fusion between those two universes that contribute to the human development forces us to continuously redefine the issues at stake and to precise the beacons of our interventions.

8.5/10 of schools choose an end-of-the-year outing without learnings. This fund's objective is to allow underprivileged schools to visit the museum without having to make it a choice.

Mammals, birds, small beasts...
Whether you wish to photograph your pets or to capture the unpredictable scenes of the wild life, animal photography requires specific techniques and knowledge, in the manner in which the subject is approached as well as in the choice of view. Evidently, this book's photographs demonstrate their mastering of this art.

Nature is beautiful, but fragile. The impact of humans can be felt more and more everyday, as species' extinctions speed up. That's why it's primordial to become aware of the beauty that surrounds us and that we ought to protect. We have to show the beauty of nature and of animals to raise the awareness of those who don't have the luxury of travelling and make them realize the importance of preserving those environments. 

Thankfully, there are still protected wild territories on Earth.
This book and the expositions it came from remind us of the TRUE beauty of our planet... The animals!

PRICE: 35$* **
*For every book bought, you offer a free visit of the Museum to TWO STUDENTS from an underprivileged school!


This book gathers the memorable artworks of the thirty years long professional life of Antoine Desilets, the founding father of photography in Québec.
By Luc Desilets

PRICE: 45$


In My eye !, the popular host Jean-René Dufort shares with us the offbeat and malicious gaze he has upon the world and its inhabitants.

Taken at the four corners of the world, these superb pictures are accompanied by texts where the author's humoristic reflections are sometimes tinted with bashful emotions. Photograph since his teenage years, Jean-René Dufort offers us more than 150 photos where we can discover in more depth the unique vision of his mocking and singular spirit.

In 2015, We are all somewhere, Jean-René Dufort's first commented collection of photographs, received an enthusiastic welcome from the critics and the public alike.

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What do Carey Price, Yasser Arafat's tomb, Serena Williams, the Wailing Wall and the Oslo opera have in common? Infoman himself! Or more precisely the offbeat and teasing gaze that he has on these personalities, famous or unknown, and those locations, ordinary or sumptuous. Very few people know this, but the famous host has been a passionate of photography since his early years. Throughout his travels, professional or not, he has bitten into the world and his fellowmen, relishing in the anonymity behind his camera lens.

PRICE: 33$



This book contains pictures taken in hyper-macrophotography, with 2x magnifications. It's what we call hyper-macrophotography. Each of the pictures illustrated in this book is composed of hundreds of pictures stacked together (stacking) in order to obtain a proper clarity on the sides, the top and the front. Over 40 000 pictures were taken to achieve this book. This book is on insects that we can find in our everyday environment. 

PRICE: 35$



Of an 8 x 8 inches format and with 144 pages, this book encompasses the documentary inspired artwork of this doctor-photograph from Mauricie, notably his great report on "L'Univers de Jerry P.", and his work that's currently exposed at the Museum, as well as some pictures taken in Central America. An interview with the photograph completes the ensemble, in addition to a presentation by Guy Lafontaine and a brief semiotic analysis of one of his photographic visibilities. Doctor by career, Jean Lagacé has realized multiple photographic projects. He was also amongst the organizers of what was without a doubt one of the first photographic festivals of sizeable scale in Quebec, the F :88 event of Shawinigan in 1988 that reunited the ten most important photographs from Québec at that time.

PRICE: 55$



Steering your future, that's the improbable story of a young man from a modest family who, against all odds, made his way through the ruthless world of sportive automobile. Bertrand Godin had a dream, that of following in the steps of his idol Gilles Villeneuve. Penniless, and with little support, he defied the odds and climbed the ranks. Even if he never made it to Formula 1, he managed to earn a living through car racing and to feel the same sensations as his idol under the cheers of the crowd, in Atlantic Formula at Île Notre-Dame. Steering your future is an inspiring story that proves that determination, effort and willingness can help realize even the craziest dreams.

PRICE: 24$



When I immerse myself in these pictures, I can't stop myself from thinking back to the lyrics of the song Enfant de la terre and to the following verse: My country has no border, no color, I am a child of the Earth.

In my eyes, this sentence summarizes in itself the spirit of Samian, the poet as well as the photograph. It incarnates what inhabits and feeds him as a human, and the reason why he rises to defend the human rights of his own. Marika Crête-Reizes

By walking through the city of Leon, I saw a young boy sitting alone on the sidewalk. It's the first picture I took and the one that gave me the passion for photography. I quickly discovered that poetry and photography are intimately linked. One inspired the other. A picture is worth a thousand words, and words are worth a thousand pictures.

PRICE: 25$



And I, I dream of being the greatest orator. The feather of an eagle is synonymous with peace, freedom, courage, strength and respect. The feather isn't only an aboriginal symbol. It allowed me to discover myself, to explore the confines of my person. The eagle has a vision, a story, a custom. And I, I am on a mission with the strength of its feathers.

Samian received four eagles' feathers from his elders. Strong from this heritage, he places writing at the very center of the aboriginal life. He gives back to the Ancestors. Warrior fueling the fire, he writes and sings so that their voices are never betrayed.

Samian was born in 1983. From Pikogan, aboriginal community landlocked in the city of Amos in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, he is a rapper and a slammer. The eagle's feather showcases a selection of his songs.

PRICE: 25$



François Desrosiers has been a trainer and a lecturer for more than twenty five years and he specializes in portrait photography, in all of its shapes, and in black and white landscapes. He is renowned as an expert in infrared photography, but he continues to experiment in that medium. As an autodidact, he makes it his duty and his joy to share his knowledge. Although, it's as an artist that he truly realizes his potential, because creating is living!

THE DISCOVERY of the Kingdom of Fluids is a journey in the geographic imaginary of Québec. Using infrared photography, Desrosiers brings you above and beyond the daily vision. He reveals his artistic sensitivity.

Upon contact of this book, your view on the water, the earth or the sky will be forever transformed. We can only see part of the universe, so let's imagine the rest, with our eyes wide open. 

PRICE: 60$ for a rigid cover / 50$ for a soft cover





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